Gives of herself, tirelessly, because  she believes that even the smallest act can make a major impact in someone’s life.
She is a true Naomi!  
30+ years expertise in the IT Industry, focus: customer service; social services; manufacturing; transportation; training and development 

Cherryl helps because once upon a time I was in a dark place in my life, where I did not love, respect, or know myself; and that supporter, cheerleader, friend that I needed at the time was not there. I do not want another female to have to not live her best life ever because no one was cheering for her.                        


Our Vision


Cherryl helps women to love themselves, again, via their own journey and to connect with their own cheerleader as they work together to help sustain OUR COMMUNITY!


Cherryl Pigues Crite  is a native Memphian with 30+ year’s expertise in the IT Industry. She has been able to apply and transfer her technical skills into her true passion, encouraging others to ‘listen’ to their heart. After several years of working for others and loosing  everything in her world, as she knew it. This loss includes job, car, house, friends even her mind.  After several years of working for others, Cherryl decided to ‘listen’ to her own heart by launching her own firm, Cherryl Crite & Company, where she conducted technology training sessions for the socially, economically, and technologically challenged community. Cherryl's personal journey of life’s challenges led her to start the SistaGirl!™ journey!

Our Background

BBA, Management
AAS, Computer Science
Certified Computer Technician
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Our Journey

Cherryl uses her challenges of being a 8-year breast cancer and domestic violence survivor (at the same time) along with being homeless, suicidal, unemployed and suffering from depression as the foundation for her speaking opportunities to help women understand that life is a roller coaster but if we learn to cheer, share, and support each other then we can use our lessons to help each other.                         
Love her Community
Change Agent for OUR COMMUITY 
Advocate for the Voiceless
Travels unchartered territory