Cherryl has 30+ years in the IT industry in which she has been able to apply her technical skills into her true passion, encouraging others to 'listen' to their heart and pursue their calling. After several years of working for others and then loosing everything in her world, as she knew it (job, house, friends, mind, and self worth). She decided to 'listen' to her own heart and launch Cherryl Crite & Company.  She conducts interactive, thought-provoking, and loads of fun training sessions for the socially and economically challenged community. Her love for OUR COMMUNITY allows her to share her journey, openly and freely, to help others who are facing life's challenges and struggle to move forward. Once upon a time, Cherryl was in a dark place in her life, where she didn't love, respect, or know herself and that supporter, cheerleader, friend that she needed at that time was not there. Cherryl does not want another female to not live her best life ever because no one was cheering for her. 

So my SistaGirl! journey begins!


Our Journey



We are on a journey to inspire, engage. and change OUR COMMUNITY via ONE SistaGirl at a time. We use the Biblical relationship of Naomi and Ruth along with my personal life's journey as the foundation. We use our SistaGirl! experiences to advocate, respect, and support the WOMEN who are doing the WORK to change the fabric of OUR COMMUNITY!

What We Do

BBA, Management  *  AAS, Computer Science

Certified Computer Technician

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Tech Savvy  *  Community Conscientious

Advocate for the Voiceless  *  Serves unSelfishly 

Sisterhood Cheerleader

Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Survivor

Homeless  *  Suicidal  *  Widow