Ticket Opportunity:  Vendor: $100 

10:19am | Memphis, TN Location TBA

We host intimate thought-provoking, spirit-filled, and loads of fun experiences using the Biblical Relationship of Naomi and Ruth along with my personal life's journey as the foundation for these conversations.. We help women to understand they have a role and responsibility to advocate, respect, and support women who are the 'true foot soldiers' in OUR COMMUNITY who are doing the work to change the fabric of OUR COMMUNITY!

Our events are theme-based with amazing speakers, creative artists, awesome food, unique vendors, and DOPE attendees!

SistaGirl Experience

We all have those moments where we just can't figure it out and we wonder what to do. Come learn, share or collaborate as to what we can do to help another SistaGirl! get thru those puzzling moments so that she can be better equipped to help change the fabric of OUR COMMUNITY!

Ticket Opportunity:  Attendee: $45 

October 5, 2019

Puzzling Moments SistaGirl! Brunch