She Got G.A.M.E. SistaGirl! Brunch

10am  |  Saturday  March 16, 2019 

Perignon's Restaurant & Banquet

2810 Coleman Rd | Memphis, TN.

​​​​ONE SistaGirl! Can

The Power of TEN

The TIE Connection

SistaGirl! Experience

We are on a journey to inspire, engage,  and change OUR COMMUNITY via one SistaGirl! at a time. We use the Biblical relationship of Naomi and Ruth along with my personal life's journey as the foundation for our SistaGirl! Experiences as we advocate, respect, and support the WOMEN who are doing the WORK!

Thank you!

Cherryl Pigues Crite



We host interactive, thought-provoking, spirit-filled and loads of fun experiences to enhance the relationship amongst the women in OUR COMMUNITY! Our events are intentionally intimate so that we can focus on developing relationships so that we can combine our resources to help sustain OUR COMMNITY! We invite you to join the journey!

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