​​​We are celebrating our WORK in the community that has allowed us to upiift, advocate, and support women who are doing the WORK to change the fabric in OUR COMMUNITY! Not only is this OUR CELEBRATION but it's yours too! It's Women in History Month and we want to CELEBRATE YOU!   

We will also kick off our ONE SistaGirl! Can and The Power of TEN  campaigns while you connect with another SistaGirl! We will surprise one 'BOOTS ON THE GROUND" entity that is  doing the work as weCELEBRATE throughout the year!

Our theme is She's Got G.A.M.E. (grace.attitude.method.energy.)  We will be using the rules of sports as our barometer for this event, this includes our activities and food.

 Our attire is represent your favorite sport.








                                                                  Senator Katrina Robinson

This all female band will be maintaining the drum beat throughout this celebration. Roberta Granderson-Catron has an amazing love for music, therefore, she established this amazing combo to make sure the beat is carried on. Yes, their repertoire is varied from gospel to jazz to blues, you choose. They got you! 


Join us as we Celebrate our

Vendor:   $100.00  

Mzzz Kecia

Cheerleader :   $25.00  



Team Member:  $45.00  

Baller:   $100.00  


This single mother of two has truly taken the bull by the horn. She knew that something had to be different if she wanted a better community for ALL OF US!  As a registered nurse, mother, entrepreneur, and community activist; she combined all these to become a very active and vocal voice for OUR COMMUNITY (as if her hands weren't already full)  by becoming Tennessee State Senator of District 33.  She is equipped, educated, and graceful as she fights for human equality! Yes, she has something to say!

This lady right here is the umpire of our celebration. If you've ever been to any event where she is the host, you already know how it goes down.  As she keeps the flow of the program going, she will keep you bursting at your seams with good, clean comedy. Kecia Cathey is the real deal and is true to her calling. 



​Ladies Edition Band